Heavy Duty Castors Wheel Top Plate

Heavy duty castors wheel are those kind of castors which are made from special materials and these casters are ideal for carrying large and bulky products. These castors are used at places like industries and homes where you want to get the ability to move heavy weighted products which cannot be moved on the regular castors as they will simply bend or break when heavy weight in loaded on the casters.


The design of these heavy duty castors wheel top plate is made in such a way that the frame of these castors have special steel plate on top which have bolt holes on it to allow the caster to be attached to the surface of the objects. These casters are available in a wide range of styles including the swivel castors which can be used to add the ability to move the object in any direction. The fixed castors are also available which can be used to provide movements in only one direction. The low level heavy duty wheel top plate castors are also available which are ideal for providing portability without increasing the height of the object.


We supply the heavy duty castors wheel in different materials where the wheels of these castors are made from nylon and rubber material where the rubber wheels have metal or aluminium core to provide durability. The frames of these castors are made from extra-strength steel which is corrosion free and long lasting.

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