Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy duty caster are specially designed, made and used for heavy duty usage for the furniture or the trolleys. The heavy duty casters are a typical example of the advanced technology and complex engineering to sustain the heavy weight and still move. The heavy duty casters are made with very strong, hard, tough and durable blue steel which is rust proof. The other types of heavy duty casters may be made with the black cast iron or the aluminum. These heavy duty casters are fitted with the wheels which are also made with the hard and strong quality of steel or iron of the similar quality.


The heavy duty casters UK are particularly made for the industrial or commercial racks or cupboards which are used to place tones of weight upon them. These heavy duty casters are fitted below the rack or cupboard with the help of the screws and other mechanism. They are designed so simple that even simple worker can fix them without the help of the highly paid and skilled technician. Similarly, their replacement is equally easier. To preserve and prolong the usability life of the heavy duty casters UK, they are either galvanized, electroplated or painted in order to protect from rusting from moisture, wet weather, environmental pollution or the industrial fumes.


One more specific usage of the heavy duty casters UK is in the trolleys which are frequently used in the commercial or industrial establishments. These trolleys are also fitted with the heavy duty casters UK which are made with different type of the design and technicalities. If they are to be used in the open air, harsh winters or hot summers, the different and rust proof material is to be used to make them.

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