Steel Castors

If you are looking for castors which are not only durable but, also have the ability to carry large and heavy weight objects then the steel castors offered by us are suitable for you. These castors are made from top quality steel where they are also available in different sizes. Our supplied castors also have different loading capacities which makes them ideal for attaching to wide variety of items.


The stainless steel castors are used in different fields of life where they are preferred in the industries where moving heavy objects is needed. These steel castors are also used in the home and offices to get durable and long lasting castors which won’t catch rust or get corroded.


The stainless steel castors wheel are available in steel material but, you can also choose to add rubber coating on the castors to get smooth and noise free movement. The frames of these castors are also made from steel to make sure that the castors won’t bend or get damaged after repeated heavy usage.


We offer the steel castors in different styles where the swivel castors are the most common ones which can be moved in any direction when attached to the surface of the object. The stainless steel castors with brakes are also available which can be used to stop the unwanted movements of the castors.

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