Furniture Wheels

Furniture wheels are a most important part of the modern day furniture. The current trend is to make the furniture comfortable and moveable in order to change its position and place easily. Especially in the offices, the movement of the furniture is done upon daily basis and routinely. In such situation, the first requirement of the good furniture is its movability which is possible with the furniture wheels.


The furniture wheels are a simple part of the furniture casters. The furniture casters are made with the different material, such as, the steel, other hard metal, aluminum or hard plastic. But, the furniture wheels UK are made with the soft material, such as, the PVC plastic, fiberglass, the synthetic or natural rubber. The furniture wheels for the office and home furniture are made with soft material in order to protect the polished stone, wooded, synthetic or carpeted flooring from the scratches, damages, frequent wear and tear of hard wheels.


The heavy duty furniture wheels are used for the heavy duty commercial and industrial usage. The racks and cupboards in the shopping malls, industrial storage houses, the academic institutions, libraries or other places where tones of the weight is placed upon each rack or the cupboard. These heavy duty furniture wheels are made with the very hard, tough, the strong and durable steel, black cast iron, aluminum or other hard metal. They are also fitted in the similarly strong wheels casters which are made with the steel of equal high quality.


Some of the heavy duty furniture wheels are fitted with the industrial or commercial trolleys which are designed and made to move very heavy weights of even tones from one place to other. The heavy duty furniture wheels, fitted with the trolleys are also of differently designed with very advanced and complex engineering.  

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