Care Bed Castors

If you are one of the people who is looking for some kind of castors which can be used in medical centers to add portability to care beds then the care bed castors offered by us are ideal for you. We can supply the castors for care beds in different designs which are suitable for different kind of items.


We can supply the affordable care bed castors in different styles where you can choose from different sizes and dimensions. The multipurpose medical swivel castors are offered which can be used to get movement in all direction while the total lock swivel castors can be used to get the ability to completely lock the movement of the castors.


The top quality care bed castors are available in different materials where you may choose from plastic wheels with rubber surface which makes these casters noise proof and also smooth to move. The polyurethane castors are also available which can be used to get light weight but, durable castors. The frames of these castors are made from corrosion free materials like steel and plastic to make sure that they won’t get corroded after repeated usage.


We can supply the quality grade care bed castors in attractive rates to our customers where we make sure that no compromises are made on quality of these castors. You can also get the care bed castors delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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