Poilievre is not so bad

Re. Patrick Macdonald's letter Not a Poilievre fan (Castanet, May 13)

This is in response to Patrick Macdonald's letter saying he isn't a (Conservative leadership candidate) Pierre Poilievre fan and he criticizes Poilievre thoroughly.

I've watched Poilievre in the House of Commons for years, he's the only one who holds government to account, so it’s easy to perceive him as an “attack dog.”

Also, he's just following the example of divisive politics that (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau employs. Tudeau calls racism or bigotry whenever someone dissents. That’s pretty divisive.

It seems like Patrick is also very forgiving of the Liberal government’s record of continual scandal and elitism.

Imagine the irony of Patrick's comments when examined, like Donald Trump? I'd say Trudeau is closer with (accusations of) unwanted sexual advances of females and racist costumes on (several) occasions. This is who you want Patrick?

C'mon, quit drinking the Liberal Cool-Aid.

Mike Maglione

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