Proposed development near base of Knox Mountain greeted with pushback from neighbour

Pushback to development

A large residential development planned for the eastern side of Knox Mountain is being met with pushback from some residents of the area.

“It's very sad. It's a sad day," Nicola Kane said, who lives right across from the proposed development slated for 630 Boynton Place.

Kane says she was well aware when she purchased her home that something was going to be developed across the street but she didn’t think it would be to the scale of the proposed 227-unit condo development.

Kane was originally under the impression that a 40-unit townhouse style rental complex was going to be built, so she was taken aback when she received a pamphlet in her mailbox, “to hear now that there's this 275-unit complex going in, instead a apartment style building, is just appalling.”

Kane says she and many of her neighbours are concerned about traffic, parking issues and loss of green space at the base of Knox Mountain.

“We also have another 100 and something plus units going just literally right down the street from us. Where are people are going to park? I have no idea,” Kane says.

Saskatoon-based Meridian Development has dropped off a multi-page pamphlet outlining the proposed development and asking for neighbourhood feedback by May 21, 2022.

Meridian Development CEO and founder Karl Miller tells Castanet they are still in the process of collecting feedback on development permit applications.

"Through this process, we are looking forward to understanding neighbourhood perspectives and to ensuring our design fits with the community and city visions for the area," he said.

The project, just off Clifton Rd., is still in the application process awaiting a development permit but the plan includes three, three-storey buildings, each containing one-and-a-half levels of parking.

Each of the three buildings would contain between 74 and 77 units.

The unit mix is proposed to feature 37 studio, 114 one-bedroom and 76 two-bedroom units.

Underground and surface parking for 327 vehicles is proposed.

"We would be happy to provide further comments after we’ve had a chance to collect and review feedback from the neighbouring residents," Miller said.

City of Kelowna planning staff will review the application before it lands on city council's desk for final consideration.

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