No museum money now

Re. Government plan to spend $789 million to rebuild the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria

Open letter to Premier John Horgan:

Now is not the time to spend taxpayer money ($789 million) on the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria.

In times such as these, with gas prices at an all-time high, interest rates going up, etc, it’s not the best time.

Do you think you could hold off spending taxpayer money so frivolously until we can see some light at the end of the tunnel? If we truly are heading into a recession, maybe put off some of these costly builds and other costly decisions for a while.

Taxpayers are dealing with our personal budgets due to rising taxes, food costs and gas pricing. If our provincial government could watch its spending during these times, I’m sure taxpayers would appreciate it.

Maybe if our governments reduced their spending, (their wants which are very different than their needs), taxpayers could have some of their taxes reduced.

A carbon tax reduction would reduce gas prices, food and energy bills and not have us tightening our household budgets as much.

Teresa Swystun

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