Be more aware of bears

Re. Fed up with killing bears (Castanet May 25)

Did anybody else notice the word "euthanize" in the story about bears in Summerland.

These were not sick bears. They were bears killed because humans are too inconsiderate to take care of their garbage properly.

What is their excuse for putting the garbage out the night before? Can they not have it ready to put it out in five minutes before you go to work in the morning? Because of them, bears are being killed.

If people don't wait until the morning (to put their garbage out), fines should be issued, and bear-proof garbage bins need to be enforced.

Six hundred and fifty bears were killed last year, and that is 650 too many. They are hungry because they have had a rough couple of years with the weather too. They don't like wildfires, heat domes and endless winters either.

Come on people, have a heart and make an effort.

F. Coupland

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